Put on a tattoo for the San Juans

Hundreds of Washington residents will be putting on a (temporary) tattoo on Saturday, seeking to attract the attention of a president who has time only for “battleground” states needed for his re-election.


Seattle officials vote to ban plastic bags

The Seattle City Council voted Monday to ban single-use plastic bags from groceries and other retail stores, joining a growing trend among cities that embrace green values.


Use only reusable bags today on ‘A Day Without a Bag’

Today is “A Day Without a Bag,” a day holiday shoppers and retailers are asked not to use single-use, plastic shopping bags but to use reusable bags instead.


Mukilteo makes 'large statement' with bag ban

Shoppers and retailers alike now have a year to get used to the fact they'll no longer be able to use plastic bags for groceries or convenience-store goodies.


Ban plastic bags in Seattle? Fight heats up

A gray whale that washed up on a Puget Sound beach last year has become Exhibit A in the debate over whether to ban plastic bags in Seattle. Environmentalists point to the contents of the dead whale's stomach, itemized in a necropsy, as a compelling argument that the thin-film carryout shopping bags should be outlawed. The inedible trash that the whale had ingested included sweatpants, a golf ball, surgical gloves, small towels and more than 20 plastic bags.