Bringing the climate change message home

We’ve helped educate thousands of people across the state about the threat global warming poses to our economy and public health, showing that 99% of Washingtonians live in counties that experienced federally-declared weather disasters between 2006 and 2011, and that global warming loads the dice for more extreme weather events.


Less toxic mercury in our water, air and bodies

After our research helped shine a media spotlight on the health problems mercury can cause for young children and babies in utero, the Environmental Protection Agency ruled that power plants like TransAlta must reduce the amount of mercury they emit by 90 percent.


New limits on carbon pollution

In conjunction with our national federation, we helped convince the Environmental Protection Agency to set smart new limits on the amount of smog-forming carbon pollution that new coal-fired power plants can emit. It's an important victory for our air quality and for the thousands of Washingtonians who suffer from asthma, which is exacerbated by smog.


We debunked a chemical industry myth

The petrochemical industy, which profits from making plastic bags, often claims that its unnecessary to ban the bags when we can recycle them instead. Our report, “A solution not in the bag,” showed the fallacy of this argument, noting that plastic bags are notoriously difficult to recycle and than 70 percent of Washington recycling companies want plastic bags out of the waste stream.


Report drew leaders' attention to plastic pollution.

Our report, “Keeping Plastic Out of Puget Sound,” detailed the damage caused by plastic pollution and noted that local and national governments worldwide are taking action to ban the bags. We had the lead quote in a front page Seattle Times article on this issue, grabbing the attention of city and state leaders. We need your help to turn a statewide bag ban from great idea into reality.