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Investigating problems and crafting solutions

Defending Washington’s waters: Big agribusiness corporations have invested millions of dollars in campaign contributions and lobbying to defend agricultural practices that pollute America’s rivers, lakes and ocean waters. Our report, “Growing Influence: The Political Power of Agribusiness and the Fouling of America’s Waterways,” shines a spotlight on the worst offenders and sets forth practical policy recommendations for reducing the influence of big agribusiness on our waters.


Educating the public and making our voices heard

Our report, “Dirty Energy’s Assault on Our Health: Mercury” highlighted the 361 tons of mercury emitted by the TransAlta coal-fired power plant each year. After the state struck a bad deal with TransAlta, Environment Washington helped lead the public outcry, and our report was cited in multiple news outlets. The next month, the governor signed a bill requiring TransAlta to stop burning coal by 2025 and to immediately begin investment in clean energy development.