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News Release | Environment Washington

Solar Hot Water Heating Could Cut Washington’s Global Warming Pollution by as much as Taking 170,000 Cars Off the Road

Washington could reduce pollution and dependence on fossil fuels through the deployment of off the shelf, cost-effective solar hot water technology, according to a new report by Environment Washington. 

News Release | Environment Washington

Environment Washington Applauds Efforts to Ensure A Coal-Free Future

This weekend, a historic agreement between Gov. Chris Gregoire, TransAlta Corp., and members of the state environmental community was reached that will ensure a coal-free future for the state.

News Release | Environment Washington

Agribusiness Lobby Fights Against Clean Water

Big agribusiness interests are among the largest roadblocks to clean water in the United States, according to a new report by Environment Washington Research & Policy Center. The report, “Growing Influence: The Political Power of Agribusiness and the Fouling of America’s Waterways,” was released today.

News Release | Environment Washington

America’s Great Outdoors Report Celebrates the Best of America

Environment Washington  applauds the President for his celebration of America’s Great Outdoors in his long anticipated report, which highlights findings from the Administration’s listening sessions, which asked Americans how to protect the places they value most.

News Release | Environment Washington

Environment Washington Urges Secretary of the Interior to Expand Mt. Rainier National Park

As the Department of the Interior prepares to set priorities for the America’s Great Outdoors initiative, Environment Washington urges Secretary Salazar to save the best of Washington and expand Mt. Rainier National Park to protect one of the nation’s last inland rainforests.